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Do You Produce Custom Cone Sizes and Designs?

Jagger Cone Company does do custom sizes and designs given the proper commitments in advance. There are expensive tooling costs involved but if you have an idea please do not hesitate to contact us as Jagger Cone Company is always willing to entertain new ideas.
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Do Ice Cream Cones Need to be Paper Jacketed?

No, the ice cream cones do not need to be jacketed. Some customers may prefer jackets but a napkin works just as well, especially since most restaurants already have napkins on hand. By avoiding the paper jacket there is no need to have to peel the extra paper off that sticks to the cone after the jacket has been removed. Finally the paper jacket adds additional cost which can be easily avoided by using a standard napkin.
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Do You Offer All-Natural Products?

We do offer all natural ice cream cones from a specialized recipe to ensure that all ingredients are all natural. Any customers interested may contact us.
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Can I Purchase Ice Cream Cones Directly from Jagger Cone?

Yes! You can purchase cones from us directly. All that you have to do is give us a call at the main office (419) 682-1816 and we will take care of you as we do with all of our customers.
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Who is Scooper the Monkey?

Scooper is the monkey that you will most notably see on the Jagger Cone Company packaging. Scooper is our biggest fan and helps develop the best tasting cones on the market today. He loves fresh baked Jagger Cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and if he prefers a cone without ice cream he always picks a fresh tasting caramelized sugar cone to satisfy his appetite.